No one has ever claimed that cleaning was fun. However, why not add a bit of spice in the mix by choosing a handful of your favourite tunes? Let’s take a look at a variety of catchy tunes across multiple genres that can allow you to add some spring to your step on a daily basis.

Embrace Those Superhuman Cleaning Powers

What better way to get rid of that dirt and grime than with the help of the Man of Steel himself? Turn up the volume and let this soundtrack take you above and beyond your expectations!

Sweep Those Emotions Away

On a cloudy or dull day, there is no better way to take your mind off of cleaning than by listening to the smoky voice of Adele as she sings Hello. Think of this as a great way to settle down and remember that heartache is worse than the toughest of cleaning jobs.

Pain and Gain

It’s time to get that blood flowing and keep your motivation on the rise. Pumping the original soundtrack from the recent movie Pain and Gain is a sure-fire way to get you out of any type of cleaning rut. Your body will thank you!

Modern Beats

You will be able to clean in more than “One Direction” when taking the time to listen to their recent chart-topping hit entitled Perfect. For those larger and more difficult jobs, there is nothing wrong with playing the entire album!

Bringing it Down a Notch

No one has ever said that you have to listen to the latest head-banging rhythms or dance tunes in order to clean efficiently. In fact, filling your head with a selection of classical music is a great way to decompress and get your mind off of the task at hand. Some great choices include Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven and Pachelbel’s Canon in D.

Of course, these are only a handful of the top music-related cleaning suggestions. Feel free to check out more ideas on our blog. Indeed, music does soothe the savage cleaning beast!