Lets face it, nobody wants this job!

Who would want to clean up Dave’s slimy old coffee mug that’s been festering for 3 days. Or the remnants of Rachel’s now brown salad from Monday, that has somehow migrated from the plastic box and encrusted itself onto the work surface. Or Sue’s Slim Fast Curry explosion in the microwave. Not to mention the trusty kettle, who once shone so bright twinkling under the strip lights but now strewn with stains, and inside coated in thick furry limescale; go on look, I dare you!

Most office kitchens are dirtier than toilets (I’m not lying the Daily Mail said it so it must be true!).

Try these tips for keeping your office kitchen clean and see if you can restore your kitchen to its former, never been used, uncontaminated glory.

1) Simple idea I know, but why not make a rota. Monday Dave, Tuesday Sue, Wednesday Rachel, you get the idea. If you come in the following morning and there’s still a mess, name and shame, don’t be shy!

2) Another novel idea, clean up after yourself and wash as you go. If your fresh Tomato and Basil soup turned into Vesuvius in the microwave, just give it a wipe, maybe Sue doesn’t want soup in her curry!

3) If the above democratic suggestions fail, rule with an iron fist and instigate the ‘Kitchen Dictator’. Who will nag you all into submission and ensure that the work load is fairly distributed, implemented and maintained. Beware, there will be signs though!(I’m sure you have the perfect person in mind already).

It’s never nice to try and have your lunch, make a coffee, or cut the office birthday cake in a bacteria stricken dirty mess, no one likes it, so keep it clean and keep everyone happy and healthy.