Keeping your family home clean can seem like a daunting task with children but it’s not impossible. There are some great tips to keep your living space clutter-free, food and spill-free and dirt-free.clean

Enlist the Kid’s Help. We tend to assume that children will grow up learning to clean up on their own, but studies show that the keenest habits are formed young. Even a one year old can help with simple tasks like putting away toys. We also tend to assume children are too young to understand about germs and other harmful organisms that occur in unclean surfaces so we don’t explain it to them at a young age. Yet raising their awareness in a language they can understand can help them develop healthy clean habits from a young age and inspire them to be willing participants in keeping the household clean.

Every Thing has a Place. It is easy and time-saving to put things away when everything has its place. Kids also thrive in a structured environment and this is a great way to help keep their world ordered. Bins, cubbies, shelves, drawers, are all fantastic investments. By following a few tips, like keeping plastic bins clear if possible so you can see what is inside, and labeled as much as possible, can also make your life much easier in finding things and keeping them organized. Making a place for everything can also be a fun activity with the kids, color coordinating, making labels and so on.

Clean up Before Moving on. It’s tempting for kids to pull out all their toys then leave them out. A helpful rule is one game/toy at a time which needs to be put away before another is used, or before the kids can move on to the next activity, for example, dinner, out to play, bedtime or whatever else they will do.

Designated Food and Drink Areas. It’s nearly impossible to stop spills and stains when kids eat. Containing meal areas to, for example, a high chair for a toddler, or table for your teenagers, is a great way to keep your carpets, sofas and floors food and spill-free.

The Spirit of Giving. Holidays are a great time to de-clutter your home and encourage the gift of giving in your children. Toys, games, clothes, shoes, and so on all tend to accumulate during the year. It can take months or years to get rid of things that the family has grown out of or no longer uses. Making a family tradition out of giving during holidays like Christmas can be special to you, the kids and those whom you choose to donate your things to. Be sure to discuss the importance of giving with your kids, the significance of their simple acts of kindness and set an example yourself by giving away some of your clutter items too. It’s a sure way to keep your home simple, tidy and easier to keep clean.