Nobody wants to spend more time than necessary on cleaning the house. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to get through the work more quickly, leaving more time to do something enjoyable.

Something that professionals do, is to clean by task, rather than by area. For example, instead of spending all of their time on the bathroom before tackling the kitchen, a wise cleaner will do the dusting throughout the house or walk from room to room putting away any items that are out of place. Instead of going back and forth between rooms as you find items, carry a shopping bag with you to hold things that belong in another room. As you enter each room, check your bag for anything to put away. With this whole-house technique, it’s a good idea to keep some cleaning items with you; an old gardening apron or tool belt will make it easier to carry cleaning sprays, rags and even a brush, dustpan and a carrier-bag for rubbish. The key is to be efficient.

Another useful tip is to let the cleaning substances take the strain. When it comes to using polishing or cleaning sprays, simply spray them on and leave them to do their job while you do another of yours. Once you’ve finished washing the dishes or sorting the laundry, for example, go back to where you first sprayed and begin wiping; the dust and dirt will lift much more easily after the cleaning fluids have had time to ‘work in’! And if you use old, unpaired socks as dusters, you can put them on your hand and wipe as you go.

By using this efficient, multitasking approach, you’ll find that you can clean the house in almost the same time as you used to take to clean one room.