Decking can provide a great summer escape. Barbecues, cocktail parties or quaint summer reading are just a few of the many great uses that a quality deck can provide for homeowners. Unfortunately, as decking is prone to all of the elements, its once pristine condition can quickly deteriorate if it is not adequately maintained. With regular maintenance and a little bit of work, restoring your deck to its former glory can be a painless process.

The first step to cleaning decking is to prepare the area for adequate cleaning. Removing furniture without leaving scuff marks is essential. Sweeping the decking for dust and dirt is the next step, followed by utilising a slim headed tool such as a butter knife to remove any debris that has been lodged itself in between struts of the decking. A light wash with water is the final step in preparation for a thorough cleaning.

Cleaning decking can be achieved through a variety of methods, utilising a variety of store-bought cleaners. A relatively cheap and effective method for cleaning decking is to mix oxygen bleach with water, following recommendations on the bottle of bleach for mixing ratios. Oxygen bleach is environmentally friendly and will not destroy plants or grass if it spills off of your decking. Applying the cleaner to the wood with a scrub brush is the most effective method for application. Be sure to follow with a thorough cleansing with water, especially if you have pets or small children in your home. Depending on your preferences, a pressure washer can be an effective addition to the bleach cleanser mentioned above, or even as a stand-alone restorative method. Be sure to apply pressure uniformly to all areas of the deck in order to return the wood to its original colour and beauty.