Spring cleaning is a ritual each year when the sun comes out again and the dreariness of winter wears out its welcome. With all the brightness and freshness peering into your home, get it ready, bright and fresh for you to feel comfortable. Achieve a Zen-like state of happiness by spring cleaning using these tips.

What Needs Cleaning?

Depending on the items you have in your home, spring cleaning is more than just vacuuming and shampooing rugs. It includes dusting books, shelves and getting out the dust brush to clean those crevices where dust gathers.

Walls and ceilings often get a film on them throughout the winter. Wipe off the surface grime, making them shine. By cleaning walls, you instantly revive any room. Besides cleaning walls, the metal and window hardware will need polishing for spring cleaning to take its effect in making your home sparkle. Spray a little bit of cleaner onto a rag and polish the hardware around your home.

Freshen up the entire household by waxing floors, cleaning curtains that are machine washable and wiping the blinds free of dust and dirt that collects during the winter. All rooms should receive the overall treatment for ultimate satisfaction and feeling you want from having a clean home, ready for celebrating the refreshing sunshine.

Make sure to spend time washing all of your laundry and going through closets, getting rid of clothes and items you no longer wear. Instead of hanging onto items, it’s best to donate them or sell them at a yard sale to clear out your space.

How Long Does It Take?

Depending on the amount of time you want to spend on spring cleaning, the time it takes varies. If you plan out your cleaning days accomplishing just a few things each day, the chores will get done quicker and you’ll feel less burned out than if you tried to do everything in one day.

Spring cleaning often takes hours to do by yourself. Most of the time cleaning takes longer than a day, spanning across a weekend or an entire week often. If you decide to tackle the cleaning yourself, then schedule one room each day. Once you get one room cleaned, you will find that you’ll have motivation to get the rest of the house cleaned also because of the feeling you receive from a clean room.

One important aspect of cleaning is to add fragrance to your rooms. You can buy a candle or use room spray to give the effect and bring Zen to your living space. You will find that by adding fragrance to your spring cleaning will enhance the peace in your rooms.