With more demands at work on us than ever before, all-day news telling us about every negative event going on around the world and financial pressure due to our flat-lining economy, it is little wonder that many of us feel considerably more stressed-out than we used to. One of the ways that many of us use to deal with the stress we experience is by cleaning. It is easy to dismiss this action as some sort of displacement behaviour; however, there really are several serious and tangible benefits to cleaning when experiencing stress. Let’s take a closer look at a few of them!

Cleaning Gets You Up And Moving

As any psychologist will tell you, exercising more is one of the easiest and most powerful changes any of us can make to consistently place ourselves in a better mood and state. Cleaning, while not an intense exercise like swimming or mountain biking, is still an excellent way to get into a positive state of motion. It releases endorphins which make you feel better, burns off calories which could allow for a tasty treat and will give you a pleasant mild-tiredness when finished which will help you to relax.

Guilt-Free Listening Time

Given that cleaning is a productive and necessary task, it allows you to put on some of your favourite music to enjoy guilt-free. If you’re used to watching and listening to serious stuff related to work, then this will be a welcome relief. Put on some cheesy pop songs or hits from your childhood and watch the stress melt away!

Keeps You In The Moment

One of the worst aspects of stress is that it leads to a seemingly never-ending cycle of worrying about one thing and then onto another. Tidying is an activity which engages the mind as you have to largely stay in the moment to do it well. Tidying can cause the pointless and stressful cycle of worry to cease, and give your mind a welcome and deserved break.


Cleaning not only delivers to your a tidier and better organised environment to live in that will go a long way to reducing stress by itself, but it also delivers additional benefits which should place you in a more relaxed state. Tidying, as a technique for reducing stress, is highly beneficial and should be used more often!