If people point out that you’re slightly obsessed with having everything tidy, then you probably spend a lot of time looking for interesting new ways to keep things in their place. While there are hundreds of cool home accessories available that can help with this, there are just as many cheap and easy ways to organise your stuff, many of them made from things you can find lying around your house! Here are just a few of the most smart and creative ways you can use normal, everyday items to give everything a home, and maximise your living space. 

Once you start using this great little item, you’re going to be kicking yourself when you realise how many you’ve thrown away over the years. Coffee-Mate bottles are ideal for storing spices, sugar and snacks, mainly for their transparency and the small, flip-open lid which makes for easy pouring.

Like many people, you may have a rickety old wooden ladder leaning against the shed or garden fence. You’ve mentioned it to other people in your household, even talked about throwing it out, yet it somehow remains there. Well if it’s still there, a quick sanding and maybe a coat of paint can turn that piece of junk into a stylish vintage towel or blanket rack.

Here’s another popular idea, which is not only one of the cheapest storage ideas, but also the greenest. The next time you’re about to throw away a tissue box, keep it somewhere in the kitchen or by the door, then start a new house habit of stuffing any empty carrier bags into it. When you realise you don’t have enough snacks for a party or your baby kindly reminds you you’re out of nappies, you’ll be able to easily whisk a few out of your new holder, secure in the knowledge that you’re saving both money and mother earth.

Finally, save the money of new drawer dividers by folding out an egg carton and simply glueing it down. This may feel slightly ridiculous the first couple of times you open the drawer in question, but soon you won’t be able to stop talking about how much more convenient it is!