If we were to take at face value, the tv adverts which claim that their products kill 99% of all germs, you would think that we could almost live in a germ free environment. As well as the argument that says this would not be healthy anyway as we would not build up any resistance to the germs outside of our own homes; how clean is your home really after all the scrubbing and cleaning?

The fact is that there are germs everywhere, the vast majority of which are harmless or relatively so. This is good news as, in reality, our homes are full of germs, and often in places where we would not expect.

The Home

The Toilet – Come on, we can hear you say, everyone knows that the toilet is full of germs. Well, yes, but the fact is that most of these are hidden on the base where we often forget to clean. It is not the part where our bums sit, but the part where little Jimmy will put his hands and then, most probably lick them, before he is sent back to the bathroom to wash his hands.

Washing Up Cloths – We all consider washing up to be important to clean our cups and plates of germs, and it is this area that is often marketed for germ free products. Consider this though, how often do you change your washing up cloth, or sponge? The fact is that if you were, for some bizarre reason, to suck on the sponge or cloth, you would take in millions of germs. The reality is that the washing up cloth or sponge, is one of the most germ ridden items in our homes and we probably spread more germs this way than we remove.

Doorknobs – How often do we clean our doorknobs? rarely, most of us would admit. But what about the one in the toilet, especially in homes that have a toilet separate to the bathroom. Have you ever considered that little jimmy fingers may have gone through the toilet paper when wiping and that he has just deposited that onto the door knob on his way out? Gross huh!!

E Coli

Whilst we should not get paranoid over the presence of germs as most do little harm, there is a serious issue in the potential passing on of the e-coli bacteria as well as other diseases such as the novovirus which is highly distressing and dangerous too.

By ensuring that we wash our hands after using the toilet and when preparing food, the risk of these diseases should be minimised meaning that whilst our home may still be full of germs, they will cause no major health problems.

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