Self Cleaning Sheets and Other News

It might sound like something out of a Walt Disney cartoon, but self cleaning sheets are here! Or at least bed sheets that don’t need laundering as often as you might think are being developed and are soon to go on the market. The Silvon bed sheet and pillow cases are made of Supima cotton and silver, a metal that is resistant to bacteria. This means that, all other things that necessitate sheets being laundered being equal, the American produced Silvon bedsheet needs to be laundered less regularly. It is recommended that the sheets are laundered every two weeks as there will be an accumulation of dust and debris. But the silver fibres attack bacteria cells and break down their walls, attacking the bacteria and killing it. So perhaps not entirely self-cleaning, more bacteria-resistant and therefore less demanding than the average bedsheet.

The modern town-dwelling fox has learnt that the average home may be a source of good pickings. Many people have seen, or heard foxes as they make their way around town. Leave doors or windows open and you may receive a visit as the animals seek out domestic goodies; but you wouldn’t expect to find one in such an unlikely place as your dishwasher; but that’s exactly the experience Dr Simon Hayes had after a fox cub had entered his kitchen and nestled inside the dishwasher. The animal was unharmed and reunited with its mother after Dr Hayes managed to coax it out. Remarkably fortunate for the fox cub, Dr Hayes is a vet.

Ask people how important they regard their washing machine as being, and they will probably say very important; but how many people pay attention to maintaining their washing machine? Or consider that they need to clean it? Here are five tips to keep your machine in tip-top shape: clean the following regularly: the detergent drawer; the rubber bands around the drum; the drum itself; the filter; leave the door open after every wash to help the drum air and dry out.