Robot Dog Cleaner & Other News

Robot Dog Cleaner & Other News

First, they built a self-driving car, now they’ve built robodog. This latest robot design from Boston Dynamics, a subsidiary of Google’s holding company, Alphabet, will be on every grown-up’s Christmas list. Why? It can fetch beer and do the housework. What a role reversal: Spot the dog cleaning up after its owner. Boston Dynamics have named their canine robot SpotMini, and besides four legs capable of climbing stairs, SpotMini has an articulating arm to perform its duties. It could load the dishwasher, pick up dirty clothes, rubbish, and basically whiz around the house fetching and carrying whatever you like for 90 minutes until, like all dogs, needs to rest and recharge its batteries. Everyone will want one. However, we may have to wait because rumour has it Alphabet is selling off the company, so far SpotMini has no breeders.

Kong Fu cleaning

In a popular restaurant in China, diners have been entertained by Kong Fu table cleaning performed by a bored waiter. Footage from the restaurant shows the guy busting moves Jackie Chan would’ve been proud of. He spins a tablecloth in the air, throws it down, his arm and hand positioned like you see when someone’s going to smash through a pile of bricks, and then uses it to clean the table, spinning it some more at break-neck speed.

Self-cleaning metal inspired by a flower

Italian scientists could soon become a household name after inventing the world’s first antibacterial metal. Engineered to clean itself, this could mean goodbye to washing pots and pans. Professor Luca Ramoli from the University of Parma is leading the project and said the design is inspired by the leaves of a lotus flower. The lotus leaf’s surface is covered in tiny criss-crosses which repel liquid contaminants, and scientists have discovered it’s this design which allows it to self-clean. Using laser technology, the Italians have been able to copy the leaf’s criss-cross pattern onto the metal’s surface. The result is that liquid bounces straight off the surface, meaning the dirt and grime which bacteria thrives on simply cannot stick to it.