Cleaning services do an excellent job of keeping a home or office fresh and tidy. But how does one keep it that way between visits from the cleaning service? Following are some quick and easy tips to keep that fresh clean feeling in between deep cleanings.

15 Minutes a Day. Pick one room every day, set a timer for 15 minutes, and do everything you can in that room. If it is the kitchen, and everything seems to be done, consider if there is a drawer that needs to be organized, or if the refrigerator needs to be wiped down. If you chose the living area, get everything picked up and organized. If there is time left, clean any glass surfaces or dust. Once the timer stops, you are done. You will be surprised what can be accomplished in 15 minutes per day.

Multi-Task. Recognize cleaning time when you have it. For example, cabinets can be cleaned and old leftovers thrown away while waiting on water to boil for pasta. Keep a sink of soapy water ready to clean dishes as you cook. Clean your bathroom while the baby splashes in the tub. Sweep the floor while you are on the phone. The possibilities are endless.

Product Placement. Keep supplies for cleaning a particular room in each room, even if it means you have to keep more than one container of certain products. For example, if your bathroom cleaning supplies are in the bathroom, you are much more likely to clean a mirror, faucet, or toilet during the week. Taking two minutes to wipe down a sink or mirror after you finish your morning routine seems much easier if the tools are close at hand. This tip also helps to remind you to take the time to do it, and saves time.

Clean From the Top Down. Always clean from the top down. Dust top shelves first. Clean the top of the refrigerator first in the kitchen. This helps to avoid having to re-clean an area that has already been completed. For example, as you clean off the top of the refrigerator, dust and debris is bound to fall on either the floor or the cabinets. If either of these has already been cleaned, they stand the chance of needing to be cleaned again. This is neither effective nor efficient.

The above tips can help keep a freshly cleaned home clean and comfortable until the next visit from a cleaning service.