Mum Discovers Massive Tarantula & Other News

It is a moment that many of us fear. We reach for something that we might think is a toy, and it turns out to be a big, fat, hairy spider. This is exactly what happened to a UK Mom and her two children, but this was no ordinary house spider. It was in fact a Poecilotheria Tarantula, a 7 inch spider from India who’s bite can cause some serious pain.

It is uncertain how the giant spider ended up in the home of Lyndsey Herlihy, but it is suspected to have escaped from a neighbouring house. Regardless, it’s presence provoked a spout of hysteria in both Lyndsey and her two children, until the culprit was eventually captured behind a drainpipe.

Motherload of Litter!

In other news, the massive clean up from the Notting Hill Carnival Route has yielded the equivalent of 15 London Buses in litter. With an estimate of 2 million visitors, it is not surprising that so much refuse ended up in the streets. It took a team of 170 waste management staff and 60 vehicles over 7 hours to clean it all up. The litter consisted of many different items, such as chicken wings, rum bottles, flags, plastic bags, and even coconuts.

Perhaps next year, a few extra bins in the streets should be in order!

Bedroom Clean Up Inspires Smiles!

Before and after pictures of a bedroom clean-up, posted online by an anonymous person who suffers from depression, is trending on the internet with over 300,000 views in 24 hours. Entitled “Me 1 – Depression 0!”, the before picture shows a room that is very messy, covered with litter and unkempt, while the after picture shows a clean room with everything put back together, and even a little teddy bear peeking out from behind the covers.

The response from the viewers was principally positive, adding words of encouragement and comments of sympathy. Of course, as with anything online, some posters were negative and sarcastic, but let’s sweep those ones under the rug!