Millennials Are Hiring More Cleaners & Other News

Millenials have a reputation for being the laziest generation who are obsessed with luxuries, expensive coffee and social media. When it emerged that as many as 19% of Millenials in London are hiring cleaners it initially seems like the reputation might be well-deserved. 

However, young people living in London are finding that they are increasingly starved for time. This has led them to reassess their priorities. Instead of spending their entire lives at work and then working at home they choose instead to save time where they can with some smart purchases.

More time is giving the Millenial generation the opportunity to focus on their personal and professional goals. This would be nearly impossible without outside help. The fact that this lets them avoid some of their least favourite tasks such as cleaning out an oven or defrosting the freezer certainly does not hurt.

Millenials are not the only ones looking for more efficient ways to save. The Hipster bars they like to frequent recently found themselves in a spot of trouble for the way they handled their refuse. The local people of Bermondsey Street fought for two years to stop the businesses from leaving bins piled high with rubbish in the streets.

The problem was that the businesses privately outsourced their rubbish collection. This led to pickups happening at the strangest of hours often disturbing the locals’ sleep. The fact that these bins were left on the street rather than kept on the premises did not help matters.

The business owners claim that they do not have a choice. Thanks to their popularity and small property sizes they say there simply is no room for the bins anywhere else. Regardless, Southwark council have issued various enforcement notices forcing these restaurants and bars to take measures to improve the situation.

It is easy to see how rubbish disposal can get a little out of hand but it can go much further. Over the course of 2017, over 1,000 illegal waste disposal sites have appeared. These are huge spaces requiring highly organised criminal networks to plan and maintain the constant disposal of waste.

Criminals disposing of waste may sound bizarre but when there is money to be made people will find ways of doing so that are not strictly legal. For example, there is a site in Derry that houses more than a million tons of illegal waste. It takes serious time and effort to organise landfill that large. Left with fewer options the government is now considering the use of satellite monitoring to find and put a stop to these sites before more get out of hand.