We’ve all experienced a particularly unsanitary room-mate or someone who doesn’t think that cleaning is important to everyone’s well-being. Whether it is sheer laziness or simply ignoring the fact that the dishes need to be washed, you may need to get your house-mate to clean by providing him or her some incentive to do so. True, it shouldn’t always be this way as house cleaning and hygiene will generally benefit everyone living in the house, but at times people simply do not care whether they are living in squalor or in a nice and clean environment.

How many times have you uttered “My Roommate doesn’t clean the bathroom” or “My Roommate doesn’t clean the dishes” only to find that your complaints have had absolutely no impact upon things and you are the only one washing dishes, cleaning the bathroom or generally looking after the house?

If the answer is “None” then this article is probably not for you and you live with perfectly hygienic housemates. However, if the answer to the above question is “Many times” then keep reading for two ways which could help you in providing an incentive for your housemate to keep the place neat and tidy.

Setting up a Rota

Rotas are always a good way of making sure everyone in the house does their bit towards a more hygienic environment, and remains probably the fairest way to make sure you don’t live among full rubbish bins and dusty carpets. Setting up a rota with everyone’s name on it will also cut many arguments short, so make sure the names are ticket once tasks are completed weekly so there is no hope of escaping!

Some housemates are clever and will make up excuses in advance when their turn looms. Just stand your ground and be firm and things should proceed smoothly.

Alternating Tasks

You can always promise to cook dinner as long as your housemate will do the dishes after, or remove the empty bottles, glasses and other unsanitary items which may have been left over after a particularly intense party. Alternating tasks is a great way of making sure everyone does their bit for the home, and it remains a fair way of co-habiting in any environment.

The main thing to keep in mind is not to take no for an answer when house tasks are involved, and if this is often the case then perhaps it is time to find another room-mate after all.