Cleaning office buildings is not as difficult as it sounds. This is especially true when the one doing it has all the cleaning products and equipment needed. Offices require the same kind of maintenance as houses. The cleaning procedures are almost the same too. There is also a need to remove dust, do the vacuuming and scrub the toilets. 

The person in charge of cleaning should prepare all the things needed before performing the task. It is important to bear in mind that having all the cleaning materials ready can save a lot of time and effort. Handy and lightweight cleaning equipment can help make cleaning faster and more convenient. It is also a smart idea to place all cleaning products in an easy to carry tote.

• Start from the top.

Starting from the highest area is a smart way to do the cleaning. This is because dust and dirt from these areas may fall onto the floor. Cleaners who start from the bottom may need to clean the space all over again after cleaning the upper areas. Doing so can save energy and time.

Remove dirt and dust or cobwebs from the ceiling if necessary. Use a broomstick to reach tall objects. Clean the windows using window cleaner and clean cloth.  Spray the liquid cleaner onto the glass and wipe it with clean cloth until the streaks disappear.

• Dust office furniture and fixtures.

The best way to remove dust from office furniture and fixtures is to use an ostrich feather duster. This cleaning tool is proven to be efficient. Use dusting spray and make sure to wipe the area with a clean cloth. The dusting spray should be gentle on all sorts of surfaces. This is essential with upholstered and wooden furniture. There are products that can damage surfaces rather than clean them. They should also have the capability to add shine to table tops and other surfaces.

Be careful when cleaning electronic equipment such as computers and printers. These machines require special cleaning methods. Using chemical-based cleaning products can damage them. Only use water and a dry, clean cloth to clean these devices. Make sure they are not connected to a power source before cleaning them.

• Do the floor.

Floors should be cleaned only after cleaning the higher areas of the office building. Vacuum the carpets to remove all dust and dirt. Meanwhile, non-carpeted floors may be swept with brooms. Afterwards, they should be mopped. Areas around the baseboards should not be overlooked. Everyone should use the safest and most appropriate floor cleaners for the surfaces being cleaned. There are a lot of these products available at any home or grocery store.

• Clean the bathrooms.

There are many bathroom cleaning products sold in grocery and home stores today. Toilet bowls should be scrubbed with a brush. The sink and other areas and fixtures should be cleaned with a sponge.