How Often Should You Clean?

How Often Should You Clean?

Statistics from the UK’s annual Spring Clean Survey revealed in 2016 that 73% of people in the UK spring cleans their home once a year. But, are we doing it right? Whilst some tasks can certainly only be done once a year, some need to be done every day.

Cleaning chores that can be done once a year

Cleaning the window frames and upholstery in your home is a job that only needs to be done once a year. The same goes for cleaning the gutters and wiping over the lightbulbs to ensure that they give you a nice clear glow.

Jobs that should be done every few months

Cleaning the fridge, freezer and oven needs to be done every 3-6 months. The same can be said of vacuuming the mattresses and cleaning the duvets and pillows on every bed and the cushions on your sofas. How many British households actually do this, however? Many of us would much rather put these chores off until our annual spring clean.

Monthly chores

Cleaning experts tell us that windows should be cleaned once a month. Doormats should also be cleaned every month, and so should the inside of the dishwasher. Finally, at least once every four weeks we should vacuum under the furniture.

Weekly tasks

Bed linen, towels and other laundry need to be washed, dried and ironed every single week. The household surfaces should all be dusted once a week, and we should hoover round afterwards. Finally, for purposes of hygiene, we should clean the bathroom every week too.

Checklist of daily cleaning needs

Many cleaning jobs need to be done every single day. These jobs include washing up, sanitising the kitchen surfaces and (this one may surprise you) cleaning the toilet bowl. Beds should also be made every day – ideally in the morning.

Can’t keep on top of it all? Get a professional to help
A professional cleaner will ensure that all of your daily, weekly, monthly and annual cleaning jobs are completed to perfection.