It has to be said, don’t let your bedroom get extremely messy in the first place and you would avoid this dilemma! Clean it up before it gets too late!

However, we can all be forgiven for being too tired, stressed out and generally fed up after a long day at work to embark on a mammoth cleaning mission. So my advice to you is to make this process as painless and yes, I’m going to say it, as enjoyable as possible.

Forget cleaning products, music is the first thing you need, something with a good rhythm and catchy lyrics, because this is what is going to keep you sane for the next 45 minutes!

Once you are feeling like a true rock star you can begin…

Start with taking out (and I hope there aren’t too many) dirty plates, cups, bowls with crusty cereal etc etc, once the genuinely disgusting relics have left the room it won’t feel quite so bad. You can then methodically and rhythmically haha start to clear up, all the dirty washing goes out the door to the landing (because if it can’t be seen it doesn’t exist!). Then pick up your clean, or clean enough clothes, fold them and place them on the bed.

Do a quick floor scan for any sneaky breakaway clothes, crockery or general rubbish and once you are satisfied the floor is clear, put the hoover on stand by!

Now its time for the cleaning part, take your cloth and spray, feel free to dance as you go and wipe, wipe, wipe!

Once you are fully satisfied that the lengthy build up of grime has gone, you may take the hoover, and this really is where you can dance, (because now you have a partner) and spin little Henry around the impromptu dance floor.

Nearly there, cleaning – check, hoovering – check, clothes folded – check. All that’s left is to put the clothes away, make the bed, walk past the washing that doesn’t exist on the landing and you’re done!