Running your own business is tough; there are never enough hours in the day and trying to juggle customer demands, paperwork deadlines and some sort of a home life is a challenging task. Little wonder, then, that cleaning your home office probably ranks pretty low on your list of priorities. Unfortunately, an untidy and frankly grubby work environment not only looks unpleasant, it makes effective working more difficult and gives a terrible impression to visiting clients. If you’re an excellent entrepreneur but a lousy housekeeper, follow these quick tips to achieve pristine surroundings in minutes.

Use the Circular Filing Cabinet

“When in doubt, chuck it out” is an excellent maxim for everything except financial records for the tax man. If fliers, redundant papers and discarded packaging hit the bin on a regular basis, they won’t start building up on your desk or floor. Invest in a filing cabinet and use it. Spending a few moments devising a basic filing system then putting it in to action will lessen the chances of the dreaded document piles developing. Make sure you empty the bin daily and try to eat outside the office; dropped sandwich filling or smears of ketchup not only make your keyboard sticky, they are havens for nasty bacteria which can cause illness .

Clear the Clutter for a Speedy Clean

Whether you do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you, cleaning your home office space will be both easier and faster if it’s free of clutter. Make an effort to tidy up as you go along; dirty coffee cups need daily transport to the sink or dish washer, post needs opening and filing. Fifteen minutes a day of focussed tidying will hopefully keep your surroundings above the dysentery line and make working more pleasurable.