Kids love to make a mess. Whether it’s turning your bathroom into a representation of the Titanic, daubing their (and your!) clothes and walls in paint, or transforming your kitchen into a something that resembles an explosion in a flour factory, the truth is that your house won’t stay tidy for long if your kids are indoors. 

If you’d rather keep your house as an oasis of peace and calm (or at least aspire to it!) then the answer is simple. Get your kids outside!

The great outdoors is called that for a reason, and part of it has to be that there is so much to do! And this can involve really messy, fun stuff that kids love, whilst keeping your house free from chaos.

Get Gloopy!

By mixing cornflour and water (2 parts to 1), you’ll be able to whip up a batch a gooey gloop that kids will love squeezing through their fingers and marvelling as it solidifies! Guaranteed to entertain them, this type of activity is a definite no-no indoors, which makes it all the more fun outdoors!

Go Large!

If you can find a big roll of lining paper, roll it out in an open space and let your kids go to work with paint. Hand prints, foot prints, maybe even bicycle prints – this type of art lets them use their heads, literally and figuratively!

Blow Bubbles!

Simply fill a washing up bowl with water and washing up liquid, and hey presto, you have plenty of fuel for some bubble blowing fun. Want a bubble blowing wand with a difference? Let your kids utilise old house hold utensils such as cookie cutters or a slotted spoon, or, if you really want to go for giant bubbles, try creating a giant bubble blower from an old wire coat hanger (adult supervision required!).

Paint the town (and everyone else!)

Finally, if it’s nice and sunny outside, let your kids strip and paint themselves silly! With a paddling pool nearby, they’ll have fun splashing around when they’re done.

So, there you have it – a handful of great outside activities which will keep your indoors spotless!