Cleaning your house can be a chore and motivating yourself to do it is, at times, quite impossible. Leaving things will not help either as dust will continue to gather and things will not clean themselves. It is better to motivate yourself early to clean everything, whether it is scrubbing pots and pans or simply dusting off the window sill, rather than waiting for previously unseen forms of life to spring up from week-long unwashed dishes.

It’s not uncommon to get lazy when cleaning is concerned, and we’ve all just stared at the dishes or some clutter in the corner, wishing it would magically clean itself like in a Disney movie. Undoubtedly, motivation becomes a problem in such cases.

So, how do you motivate yourself to clean? Don’t be a slouch! It’s just a matter of getting a brush, a broom, some cleaning materials or whatever you find necessary to keep your place pristine. Read on for how to motivate yourself to clean your place.

Motivation is Key – 1 – Look at some Luxury Homes on the Web

Looking at luxury homes will definitely provide some incentive for your to clean your place and make it look better. True, you can’t necessarily expect gold-plated taps, Persian carpets and Ming vases, but looking at well-maintained homes should at least provide some motivation to get your house spic-and-span.

2 – Organise a Car Boot Sale

Organising a car boot sale should help you get rid of anything unwanted around the house, such as old furniture, old computers, TVs and whatever else. It’s not uncommon to keep things which are unwanted around the house just because of “sentimental value.” It is hard to tell what sentiments old boots, broken TVs and dusty socks evoke exactly. Organizing a sale will give you some motivation to clean your place up and will get rid of old stuff.

3 – Invite some friends to Dinner

Throwing a lavish party would be pointless as it would create more mess afterwards. Setting up a dinner could provide some incentive to make your place look nice, and cleaning up dishes afterwards isn’t exactly hard.

Hopefully these three things should get you to clean. If you’ve tried them and anything else it might be time so just save up and get a cleaner to do it.