It is that time of year again: spring cleaning dominates the thoughts of many homeowners. It’s a chance to sort through belongings and determine what is no longer needed. It is the motivation needed to dust and organise high and low. It is often a great deal of work, but it’s the type of chore that when finished, you can look around and feel instant relief.Have you ever considered doing the same thing for your office space? Most people in the office world spend more of their waking hours in their work place than at home, so it only makes sense to spruce up this area as well. A clean and well-kept office can do wonders for productivity and efficiency.

This is where we come in. During the day most people do not have time or energy to clean their offices, so consider using a cleaning company in L0ndon. We pride ourselves on maximizing your investment in our services. We do not cut corners or tie you into contracts. Regular audits are performed by site supervisors and contract managers to ensure quality performance and customer satisfaction.

To spring clean your office, we will begin with the most important piece of furniture, your desk. We will not go through papers or files, but will thoroughly wash the surface of your workspace. We will dust behind any desk fixtures such as lamps, computers, telephones, and fax machines, as well as clean off keyboards and carefully wipe monitors.

All carpets will be thoroughly steam-cleaned and tiles scrubbed. Corners of the building will be dusted, and any refrigerators or microwaves cleaned out and disinfected. Windows will be carefully cleaned to ensure no streaks and the maximum amount of light to be let in during the day. Sunlight has been shown to improve office moral and keep employees focused.

We are confident you will be pleased with the cleaning services we have to offer you, and we hope that following the spring cleaning you consider having us regularly scheduled to keep your office in top shape. If you are ready for a spring office make over, give us a call at 0207 788 7747. We look forward to hearing from you!