Let’s face it, doing chores is a bore, but it’s a daily routine that has to be done at any cost. A shabby home is unacceptable, and so there must be a way to do chores while having a great time too. In this article, you will read some fun home-tidying bedroom games for girls that will help keep your home in order while hanging out with friends. 

Use your Imagination

The trick to having fun while doing a chore is imagination. With an open mind and some creative thinking, cleaning your home can be lively and entertaining, while still being thorough.

Create Motivation

A before-after picture of the room can be the motivation you require for sprucing things up. Sharing the picture later with a friend or on a social networking site can give you some amusing reactions. So, take a quick picture and get on to work. Remember, it’s a good idea to take the after-picture at the same spot from which you took the before-snap, for the sake of effect and a more fair comparison.


Music is a life saver when cleaning your room or doing household chores. This would definitely be the case for someone who is an ardent music fan, and who is used to tuning into music while doing some other basic stuff at the same time. Turn on the radio or play favourite recordings to keep the energy levels going, making chores an enjoyable activity. Before you know it, one might start dancing as they work, finishing in no-time. One can also play games like trying to tidy a section before the song ends, thereby getting things done faster.

More Hands Get Things Done Faster

A group activity to do while cleaning a girl’s bedroom is to have siblings or friends come over. Have an imaginary competition by dividing the room into sections and allotting each section to a player. Start together at the blow of a whistle (Olympic style) and the first one to finish wins, the prize being, maybe, a special seat or some room privileges for the hour.