Men can be a “practical” lot. And let’s be honest, when we say “practical” here, what that really means is that men like to ignore the dust piling up on the table or the fact that the sheets are starting to smell. Oh, sure, women like to ignore those things, too. But someone’s gotta step up to the plate, and when it comes to really, finally deciding that your weeks-untouched floors need to be vacuumed, women are usually the heroes.

It gets so bad that even when men say they’re gonna clean, women everywhere end up doing the real cleaning. Now, if you’re a man reading this, let’s be honest: you might be thinking, I’m a good lad, I do all of my cleaning. This might not apply to you. The problem is, it might!

What you need to do is convince yourself to clean. Realize that even if it’s a real chore, at least you can do it easily, without thinking too much about it. You don’t have to be smart, or clever, or tough, or anything like that to clean. You just have to be thorough, and for goodness’ sake, don’t leave the cleaning up to the people who already do it!

Unless those people are professional cleaners. The thing about that is, a lot of the women who end up cleaning aren’t getting paid to do it. A lot of women do more for the household than make an income – and these days, they usually make an income, too. Let’s face it, boys: you can’t come up with excuses not to clean anymore!

Again, unless your excuse is “someone already did it”. If you’re gonna say that you don’t want to clean because you were busy doing your job, or going to school so you can get a job, or whatever bloody excuse comes to mind this time, then you might wanna think about spending some of that money you make to get someone else to clean for you. Why? Because someone has to do it. At least make it a guy who gets paid for it.