You’ve found the person of your dreams and married. The first few months were bliss, and you found little things like the way he leaves his dirty socks on the living room floor charming and sweet. Maybe you didn’t initially mind that she could go to bed and happily leave a sink full of dirty dishes for the morning. However, the honeymoon is now over and those little habits threaten to drive you insane.

Different cleaning styles can lead to strife within the marriage. If one of you prefers everything to be neat as a pin and the other thinks nothing of leaving stray items lying about, then the fights can quickly erupt. The housework can prove to be a larger issue if you are both a little lax about housekeeping but don’t want to admit it. When the blame starts flying and personal insults about your respective mothers are bandied about, you might start thinking that the marriage was a mistake.

There are plenty of valid reasons for getting a divorce, but you shouldn’t come to blows and arguments over cleaning. There are better things to fight about than his socks on the floor, like the time he gave you a cheap toaster for your anniversary. Stop fighting over the housework and make the decision to bring in a cleaning company. With a cleaning service to pick up the socks and scrub the bathrooms, you can spend your time focusing on the things you loved about each other. Those annoying little habits will still be there, but you won’t be upset by them anymore. If you’re both a little on the sloppy side, then your friends will never know your happy little secret.

You could spend your married life arguing over the dishes, who will vacuum and who cleaned the bird poop off the windows last week. The problem is that this only leads to family insults, intense arguments and vacuum cleaners for birthday gifts. Avoid the issues and the arguments by trusting a cleaning company to handle the housework. The insults about each other’s families might continue, but hopefully there won’t be any dusting rags or brooms wrapped up for those special occasions that are meant more for dinners out and diamonds. It will certainly make your home more pleasant, and it just might save your marriage.