Daredevil Window Cleaner & Other News

Have you ever wondered what ninjas do when their usual work is a little thin on the ground? It seems that one daredevil has taken to window cleaning in Victoria, central London, to earn some extra cash.

Dressed entirely from head to toe in black and with no rope, helmet or any safety equipment, the fearless tradesman was spotted calmly cleaning windows four floors above the pavement standing just on the thin window ledge.

After drawing a large crowd, the ‘super-hero like’ cleaner has not been spotted since so has presumably gone back to his safer ninja day job.

If someone were to ask you how often you wash your washing machine you could easily be forgiven for thinking they were winding you up. However, over time the internals of a washing machine can accumulate a lot of dirt and grime that may not only cause bad smells but also be harmful to your health.

Most manufacturers recommend that a washing machine be cleaned once a month using either purpose-made cleaning tablets or natural cleaners such as vinegar and baking soda. Hoses carrying water in and out of the machine should be checked periodically as filters on them can become clogged and reduce the effectiveness of the wash. A regular scrub of the door seal and detergent tray will also help keep your machine in good condition and your laundry continually fresh and clean.

It has long been noted that chimpanzees share around 99% of their DNA with humans but this is not where the similarity ends for one resident of a zoo in Roston on Don, Russia. Elya, a chimpanzee who seemingly takes cleanliness very seriously, has been spending her time keeping her enclosure in pristine condition.

Ever since moving into her newly built home Elya has been cleaning the windows with rags and even wanting to sweep the floor with a broom. She has now become an internet video sensation with both animal lovers and hygiene enthusiasts alike. Elya’s keepers say she is imitating their behaviour but could it just be they are not maintaining her very high standards?