When I worked in London, my first impressions zooming up the lift into the interview were how sleek and shiny the offices were compared to ones I’d worked in before. The city is a great place to see some of the smartest offices in the world, and also some of the most well kept. 

After a few weeks of employment, it dawned on me that is wasn’t actually the mug fairy who came along and cleaned my desk every day. There were real people, people coming in during hours I was still tucked up in bed to make sure we had a work place to take pride in. Coming along in the dark, before we touched down on our desks with our coffee and our Panini, the office cleaners would be in making sure we didn’t have to come in to yesterdays dirt.

Daily office cleaning is a must not only for potential visitors, but also for your employees to feel they work in a place worth dedicating their time to. Having your requirements met anytime day or night can be a stretch for some companies, but not us. We appreciate how hard it is to find cleaning in London with a company you can trust and rely on. Rather than having a checklist that no one sticks to and ends up making your office look like a promotional mug graveyard, why not leave it to the professionals.

Our fully vetted staff are available to you without you having to have a fixed contract. There are no hidden costs, and a site supervisor will complete a weekly audit to check our daily office cleaning company are meeting your needs. Our uniform cleaners exude the professionalism you need to ensure your office stays immaculate.

It’s not just offices that need to be kept clean either. I mean, who REALLY thinks it’s just desk dwellers that drink tea and leave their mugs left right and centre, crumbs on the carpet, and rings on the nice wooden desks?

Although employees and visitors may take it for granted that you could eat off the floors, it doesn’t just ‘happen’. Make sure your needs are met by a company that gets it right first time.