Periodic deep cleaning for kitchens is absolutely essential, and should be done not just to comply with the stringent Food Safety Acts of 1990 and 1995, but also to extend the life of expensive equipment, and to ensure optimum functioning. Commerical Kitchen Cleaning Services in London is the one-stop shop for a dependable professional service that delivers a second to none, healthy and outstandingly clean working area for your staff and clients. Whether you require a one off or regular standard service; a deep clean for a newly purchased kitchen or other commercial premises; or an extra heavy duty clean out for a kitchen that has just had messy building work done, we are here to help.

Everything in the kitchen including: extraction systems (canopies, ductwork and fans), ovens, microwaves, fryers, hobs, hot cupboards, griddles, grills, barbecues, ceilings, walls, floor, doors, cupboards, shelves, fridges (including walk-in models), sinks, wash up areas, and toilets, are meticulously cleaned using state of the art equipment, the latest heavy-duty chemicals, and specialised cleansing and scrubbing techniques. All the shelves, cupboards and equipment etc., are cleared, and all removable parts such as shelves and outer casing are disconnected and put to soak in a bath treated with specific chemicals. Internal parts which comprise functioning systems are left intact, and a light cleansing technique is delicately applied in these areas.

One of the great benefits of regular deep cleaning is not just the level of hygiene, it also means that the kitchen staff will not be side tracked from focusing on food ordering, storage, preparation and cooking: the essential elements that keep profits up and make the food and restaurant or cafeteria a huge success. Whilst general cleaning is part of their everyday duty, staff do not have the time to divert away from their main role, or have the equipment for effective deep cleaning.

We tailor make cleaning programs to suit your needs, and in order not to affect your business, our team can often work through the night, or when your kitchen is closed. We cover many different fields including: commercial establishments, restaurants, takeaways, catering companies, schools, collages, universities, and shops.

When it comes to top quality deep cleaning for kitchens in the London area, Commerical Kitchen Cleaning Services aim to exceed your expectations. We rigorously adhere to health and safety standards and bring you unparalleled results and 100% satisfaction each and every time!