If the school holidays are fast approaching and you are unsure how the household cleaning routine can be maintained at the same time as your little ones are destroying your property with the speed and efficiency of a wrecking ball, we have helpfully come up with a number of effective solutions to this common problem. The easiest way forward is simply to book a cruise for the entire duration of the holiday. No mess whatsoever and the kids will love it!

Alternatively, for the 99.5% of folk for whom a cruise is about as affordable as booking that essential trip to the moon, there are a number of more economical answers to the perennial dilemma of keeping the children happy whilst still maintaining the house somewhere above the dysentery line. Some parents opt for the allocation of cleaning tasks to each child, using financial inducements to ensure compliance. If adopting this approach ensure that you select a low and inflexible pay scale, as a skilled junior negotiator can easily bargain their way into a six figure salary for a week of bed making and dish drying.

Another option is to set aside one room of the house as the “play room” for the duration of the holiday. This area will be the location for anything involving noise, glitter or permanent marker. Once the new term resumes, call in the professionals to undertake a clean-up of industrial proportions and then redecorate. Less costly than the previously mentioned choices, this has the added advantage of allowing your children to “express themselves” whilst leaving the majority of the house unscathed.

A mix of day trips and outside activities combined with a relaxed attitude to mess in some parts of the home helps ensure that children enjoy themselves and parents aren’t left with a post-apocalyptic scene at the end of each day. Just like the kids, parents deserve a treat or two through the holidays, so why not book a cleaner for a few hours each week so you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy with the people you love?