The Clean Cornwall Campaign has groups litter picking from Kennack Sands all the way to Bodmin Moor. The push is to make Cornwall the cleanest region in the entire UK. Cornwall Council teams up with community groups, charities, and businesses to include as many persons as possible. In its fifth year, the Clean Cclornwall events have grown from sixty to an estimated five hundred-plus this year.

Pristine beaches and roadways is what Cornwall wants to see. Such a campaign for cleanliness will have a positive impact upon all residents of Cornwall. Tourists will be happy to come and enjoy the spotless, sparkling and sanitary towns and beaches. Ongoing encouragements not to litter can help keep the state of purity and wholesomeness intact as a regular reality for Cornwall.

Littering just should not happen. When someone throws refuse items out of their car windows to land along the roadside, someone, eventually, must pick up the litter. Such carelessness is unimaginable. On the other hand, if everyone chose to pick up even one piece of litter, what a transformation can take place in the county.

Clean Cornwall has supplies such as bags and litter grabbers for groups that wish to take part in a litter pick. Individual events need to be covered by Cornwall Council’s insurance. Parents must sign a consent form for their children to be involved with a group event. People can leave bags out for the weekly collection. Large refuse collection can be referred to the council for special arrangements.

Certainly, many residents, businesses and local celebrities are completely involved, but more people should have a part in making a significant difference in their neighbourhoods. When the land is clean, people can enjoy the outdoors. This Clean Cornwall Campaign is all about preserving the heritage and essence of all the county has to offer, helping residents, young and old, to appreciate their local landscape and beaches.