Even the neatest pet owners find that pets can wreak havoc in a home. Pets can leave odours, stain furniture, stain carpeting and deposit waste in hard to clean areas. Even animals one might think are relatively safe in the stink and stain department, such as reptiles, have a foul odour. In fact, caged animals need even more cleaning attention as their waste is confined to a small area. One might think the smell would stay in the cage, but it can make whole areas of a home smell like pet odour.

Make a Routine

It is easy to fall behind on cleaning up after pets. A cat litter box may go an extra day without changing; the substrate in a turtle tank may contain bits of uneaten food that should have been removed and various other procrastination results. The trick to keep from falling behind is to develop a time-saving routine that makes cleaning up after pets as easy as remembering to get dressed in the morning.

Watch the pets’ routines. Do the cats do enough business to warrant daily litter changing or is there only one cat? Is it a self-cleaning litter box that only requires infrequent deep cleaning? Whatever the case is, whatever the cleaning chore and whatever the animal, figure out roughly how often the pet cleaning chore needs doing. Next, create a schedule for taking care of these chores and make a habit out of it.

Handle Deep Cleaning Issues on Site

Deep cleaning for animals typically occurs after bathroom use in the wrong place, pet vomiting or other unexpected waste expulsion. Handle these issues thoroughly on sight. Use the right cleaning products for the job and make sure that all residue is gone. The reason to deep clean is that cleaning products may mask odours left behind after the waste is removed. In a few hours, days or weeks, that odour will reappear and be more difficult to remove as it has set in to the floor, furniture or fabric.

The Garden Counts

Keep your yard free of pet waste. It might seem okay to go without picking up dog faeces with a big garden and no children playing in it. However, the smell of pet waste outside, especially if it is frequent, can make the entire yard smell bad and the scent can waft in through the windows of the home. Simply keep a shovel and trash bag handy when the dog goes outside.