Cigarette smoking might be the most widespread addiction or habit in the world. Despite health warnings and ad campaigns there are still millions of people who light up a smoke on their way to work, with a cup of hot coffee or after an evening tipple. Whilst it’s not a healthy habit it is really up to the smoker what they choose to do. The litter that comes with it, however, can end up being everybody’s problem. Dropping litter is frowned upon in the UK so why does it feel like smokers and their butts seem to get a free pass?

There are ideas and innovations that have come in to place over the years that aim to fix this imbalance. First of all the idea of giving smokers an easy way to dispose of cigarettes seems to help a lot, putting ash trays in the top of bins and a place to stub out your smoke makes binning the butt a simpler option.

What if you’re not near a bin though? Some cigarette companies have been taking it upon themselves to be a part of the solution, even if they may themselves be causing the problem. A number of companies have started giving out free ‘mobile’ ash trays at special events and with purchases at high street retailers. These litter saving devices are durable and sealable pockets that a smoker can use to stub out their cig and keep it safe until they find a more permanent disposal spot.

Then there’s companies like Hubbub who add a note of fun to the proceedings by getting smokers to use their discarded cigarettes to vote on a variety of pressing scenarios. Their stub bins installed on London streets have two separate compartments divided between opposing choices such as ‘Who is the Best Player in the World?’ or ‘Who Will Win the Fifth Test at the Oval’. It’s a fun idea and pictorial evidence would show that the smokers of London are always ready to offer their opinion and if that means cleaner streets, well that’s no bad thing is it?