We all love a good birthday party, don’t we? From children’s birthday parties, to centenary celebrations, parties are a great way to celebrate with friends, and family. If you’re celebrating a milestone birthday, of course you’ll want to mark it in some way, preferably with lots of guests, and lots of cake. But now, the party’s over, the guests have left and you’re left with a monster headache, not to mention, a big clean up job. It’s time to swap the Manolos for Marigolds, and the cocktails for cleaning products.

If you’ve got friends or family staying over, chances are they’ll be happy to pitch in, especially if a nice brunch is on the cards. You could work out between you if you want to tackle the disaster zones one at a time, or spread out. The first thing to do is open a few windows, to get some fresh air circulating. Hopefully this will remove any lingering odours, from the night before.

It’s also a good idea to concentrate on rounding up any glasses and plates, and getting them to the kitchen. If you’ve used your crockery and glassware, rather than plastic or paper versions, it’s a good idea to get these into a dishwasher or washing up as quickly as possible, so they don’t get broken and you can use them at the next mealtime. Presumably you sorted out any food the night before and it’s been put away, but if you didn’t, then don’t panic. Have a look at what’s out, and if it can still be salvaged.

Now, it’s time to recycle. Grab a bin bag for plastic and metal, one for glass and one for paper. Then, scour the party rooms for recyclables. Don’t forget to check for stains on the way. If you find a stain, blot it with lots of water or a bicarbonate of soda solution first, before using a commercial product.

Once the party rooms are in order, a hoover round will get your rooms looking as good as new. Now, you just need to help your friend, clean up the kitchen!