Clean For The Queen & Other News

Hygiene and cleaning, while not the most glamorous of trades is rarely out of the news, as proven by the fact that Her Majesty herself is hiring a cleaner for the illustrious surrounds of Buckingham Palace. We note that rather than a (pun intended) squeaky clean and sparking CV, Palace officials are insisting that personality trumps experience in their search for the right hiring fit, saying “it’s who you are that we’re really interested in”. In our own cleaning service, we try to provide personality just as much as elbow grease, and also insist that all our staff have the right attitude from the get go. Our staff are fully vetted, and are well able to make your home as clean as the Palace!

Our cleaning services does not exclude the key area of recycling, and we were disturbed to read that the London Port Authority removes 300 tonnes of plastic a year from the capitol’s waterways. Many native marine species like flatfish are reported to have plastic poisoning. We would encourage all our clients and blog readers to put their plastic in the recycling, not the River Thames! The river can be a wonderful resource to our city, it’s too precious to treat it as a rubbish tip. Recycling is a far more hygienic and sustainable lifestyle choice and thankfully is being taught as a priority along with the three “Rs” in school, so hopefully we will see a year on year decline in tonnage of plastic thrown in rivers.

On the subject of recycling and cleaning, it has recently come to light that the City of London itself has a mere 46 public litter bins and 13 recycling bins within the Financial district and surrounding areas. However, rather than any deliberate environmental oversight by the local authorities, the scarcity of bins is due to security concerns over terrorist bombs in rubbish. Interestingly enough, the City has over 900 cigarette bins, so we assume that terrorists are not going to plant bombs in these bins. Maybe the stress levels in the City financial district means that cigarettes are being consumed far more than any other item.