1. Take the Time to Clean Each Day

Some people do not bother to clean their bathroom because they feel it would take too much time out of their day; this is not necessarily true. When you take the time to do some cleaning each day you will prevent the need for one long and tiring cleaning session in the future. Clear away towels that have not been washed in a while or wipe away soap residue from the sink. Find something to do that you know you can deal with in small increments.

2. Allow For Circulation

If a bathroom has not been exposed to air for some time it can become unattractive and dirty. Walls that have not been dried properly can develop mildew. The bathroom may even take on a smell that is unpleasant to anybody that steps inside. To prevent such an issue make sure that the room gets plenty of air circulation. Run a fan while taking a shower; open windows to allow air to come inside when possible. You can do this even when you are not bathing, as this can also bring in sunlight.

3. Wash Bath Toys Frequently

Children love bath toys, and it would be difficult for a number of parents to picture their children washing without one. However, the longer a toy is used the more likely it is that it will become dirty. Bacteria can grow on certain kinds of toys, and this is something that should be prevented. If you wish to wash the dirt off of toys make sure that you soak the toys in vinegar and water. The toys should be soaked for roughly ten minutes and then rubbed with a sponge. This can also disinfect the toys to get rid of germs.

4. Organise and Make Use of Space

No matter how many times you clean bath toys or open windows to let in air, it will not mean a lot if the bathroom still appears messy. If you allow items to sit in or around the bathroom sink unchecked, or fall to the floor, the bathroom will not appear clean. Make sure that you are aware of your space limitations and look for ways around the problem. Organize what you use and need to make it less difficult to find something in the morning. When you know where everything is and you are not tripping over something you and your family will feel happier.