Automatic Toilet Cleaning Robot & Other News

Automatic Toilet Cleaning Robot & Other News

The Machines are Coming…to Clean Your Toilet…

Hate cleaning the toilet? Of course you do; everyone does. But have no fear; everyone’s technological saviour may just have arrived, in the form of SpinX. Now available on Kickstarter, SpinX is a toilet cleaning robot that purports to rid you of your least favourable household burden.

The device looks a little bit like a very thick toilet seat, and fits around your toilet bowl in place of the original seat and lid. You can insert your preferred brand of cleaning fluid inside. When you want the toilet cleaned, you just press a button on the side, and within 90 seconds SpinX uses its internal systems of brushes, water jets and compressed air outlets to wash and dry the toilet bowl. It is battery powered and lasts for about 30 washing cycles before having to be recharged.

The makers of this robotic sanitary wonder have already reached their goal of raising $50,000, with over a month left to go on the fundraising page. They’re still selling SpinX on a super early bird offer for $199 each (about £151 at current exchange rates), and hope to start shipping to customers all over the world in July 2018.

Payout for Cleaner after Slip Up in the Commons

In other news, a cleaner has successfully sued the House of Commons for £10,000 after he slipped on some “brown fatty liquid” in the Commons’ kitchen and hit the floor, injuring his elbow and back.

The liquid was residue left over from roast dinners that had been prepared for MPs after Prime Minister’s Question Time. Leaky ovens had been leaving the floor covered in puddles of this residue, and managers had failed to fix the problem.

The House of Commons’ Corporate Office argued that cleaners should not have been phased by having to deal with a dirty kitchen, but the cleaning contactors retorted that the leaky oven was the House of Commons’ responsibility and should have been fixed earlier.

The cleaner, Kiplin Gayle, received treatment for his injuries and has now returned to work.