An inexpensive toilet cleaner

If your budget is too tight for commercial toilet cleaners, here is a cheaper alternative. Pour half a cup of chlorine bleach into the toilet bowl; after a few minutes of letting it stand, scrub the bowl thoroughly with a toilet brush and finally flush the toilet, leaving it clean and disinfected.

Use acidic cleaners on soap stains

Stains and scum left by soap can be dealt with using a simple acidic cleaner: white vinegar mixed with water. Remember to wear gloves and rinse the area after cleaning, however.

The best way of cleaning a mirror

Cleaning a bathroom mirror can be surprisingly tricky, and poor cleaning can lead to deterioration around the edges. A quick way to solve this problem is to fill a pan with vinegar, dip in a crumpled-up piece of newspaper, and gently rub it over the mirror. Wipe the excess vinegar off with the paper, and then use a cloth to dry the mirror.

Make sure that the bathroom is well-ventilated

Too much humidity in an enclosed room will lead to mildew. Keep the windows open as much as possible, and make use of dehumidifiers and air conditioning. Also, think about installing a fan for use during showers.

How to get the taps as clean as possible

With their many nooks and crannies, it can be surprisingly hard to get your bathroom taps as clean as you would like them. There is a straightforward solution, however: first, get an old toothbrush which is no longer being used and give the taps a good scrubbing with it; this will clean off the larger portions of grime. Next, rub the taps with a piece of lemon to fully clean them.